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Secrets of the Terra-Cotta Soldier

Secrets of the Terra-Cotta Soldier

by Vinson Compestine

Signed 1st edition 2014

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China's Terra-Cotta Army
Search for China's Ghost Army

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A coming-of-age adventure story that weaves fact and fiction. Ming, 13, lives in a small village in Maoist China in the 1970s. His father believes Emperor Qin's tomb--and the life-size terra-cotta army created to protect the emperor in the afterlife--lies hidden in the hills around them. However, if his father doesn't prove it soon, the town's Political Officer will condemn him to the brutal labor camps.

A terra-cotta soldier who has survived through the centuries shows up and teaches Ming about Emperor Qin, known for building the Great Wall of China. Ming also learns the history of the terra-cotta soldiers. As Ming's friendship with the soldier develops, he experiences the mysterious tomb firsthand, braving deadly traps and witnessing the terra-cotta army in action.

Most importantly, Ming learns how to save both the terra-cotta soldiers and his father from the corrupt Political Officer and his Communist cronies. The book is illustrated with photographs of Communist Chinese village life in the 1970s, the Great Wall, and, of course, the excavated tomb with its many terra-cotta soldiers.

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