A Little Yellow Dog mystery

A Little Yellow Dog

By Walter Mosley

1st edition 2004 hardcover mystery

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dog mystery book by walter mosley
Can the yellow dog solve the case? Wooof!

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With reluctant detective Easy Rawlins, Walter Mosley offers us another classic crime novel featuring suspense, style and shrewd social observation.

The year is 1964, and Easy Rawlins has left the street life and is working as supervising custodian of Sojourner Truth Junior High School in Watts. For two years he's been getting up early, dressing nice and putting all his energy into his job and love for the children.

Rawlins likes his new life, even though he feels empty and a little bored, a situation that abruptly changes when he arrives early one day to find one of the teachers already in her classroom with a dog. She falls into his arms and tells him that her husband's gone mad. She then leaves Rawlins with her dog, and the handsomest corpse he has ever seen is found in the school garden.

A murderer is running loose somewhere. And a little yellow dog plots revenge.

Funny Girl, Nick Hornby

Funny Girl

Signed by author Nick Hornby

1st American edition hardcover 2015

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Secrets of the Terra-Cotta Soldier

Secrets of the Terra-Cotta Soldier

by Vinson Compestine

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Secrets of Terra-Cotta Soldier
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