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Boomers Have Shorter Lifespans

Boomers Have Shorter  Lifespans Latest statistics show alarmingly shorter lifespans among Baby Boomers Source: Public Source with permission An invisible tsunami is hitting the U.S. and its destructive effects are just becoming visible. As the  Pew Research Center cites  that Millennials have surpassed Baby Boomers this year, another hidden statistic is revealing that the death toll among Baby Boomers is rising. While the Greatest Generation has been showing longer and longer lifespans—exceeding 100 years—expectations have been that the following generations will do the same. In a  Fortune article ,  Center for Disease Control’s (CDC ) Farida Ahmad responded that there’s no “ smoking  gun” and that they are watching it to see if it’s “just a blip as it was ten years ago.” Let’s take a closer look at the statistics and consider the implications. In a comprehensive study of the statistics, Case and Deaton’s findings published in the  December 2015 issue of PNAS  (Pr